• Aim to clean your shoes after each wear or at least before the following day. Simply give them with a light wipe down using a brush and cloth to restore the shine.
  • The leather of a shoe is delicate; there is no need for polishes which cover up the creases, but for creams which nourish the leather and slow the process of ageing. The best products are of a creamy consistency because cream more easily penetrates the leather.
  • Use shoe brushes made from natural materials with long, soft bristles. These will polish more effectively.
  • Condition your shoes after every 10-12 polishes.
  • Use cream conditioners extremely sparingly. You should apply a pea size to start, and re-apply as needed. The polished finish is obtained by allowing the cream to penetrate the pores of the leather without blocking them; an excess of grease will only prevent the leather breathing. Less is more!
  • Don't forget that shoes should only be cleaned when they are completely dry. Allow them to dry at room temperature; avoid leaving them near a source of heat, as this will harden the leather. If your leather shoes are very wet, stuff them with a small towel to draw out the moisture and allow to dry naturally.
  • Leather shoes can require a day to dry out from natural perspiration. Avoid wearing your shoes on consecutive days. Try to alternate your footwear daily to allow the leather to dry.
  • Always wear socks with your shoes, and always use a shoe horn to put shoes on to avoid the back of the shoes weakening.